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Live Spain like the locals, through our Spanish immersion language trips, where you can c ustomize your own study tour or language program in 11 Spanish-speaking countries with only 10 students. Our full immersion Spanish language learning programs for high school groups can include homestays, language classes, school visits or intercambios, and service work with local community projects.

At the same time, we can offer the same depth of Spanish immersion experience throughout the Spanish-speaking world on our language tours to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Panama, or service-learning trips to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Peru, where language classes and homestays can also be provided in most locations.

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Spanish Immersion Language Study Tours for School Groups Live Spain like the locals, through our Spanish immersion language trips, where you can c ustomize your own study tour or language program in 11 Spanish-speaking countries with only 10 students. Service-Learning Trip - Bolivia Spanish Immersion.

Explore the extraordinary natural beauty of Bolivia while participating in a variety of service-learning projects that include conservation of local animal species, fores Spanish Language Immersion Tour — Costa Rica. On this Spanish language immersion tour, you will learn the language in beautiful Costa Rica and experience exciting trips to volcanos and beaches, a white-water rafting Service-Learning Trip - Dominican Republic Spanish Immersion.

The Dominican Republic shares the Hispaniola island with Haiti—along with its rich colonial culture. Stay with a family in Santiago and share in service-learning projec Service-Learning Trip - Ecuador Spanish Immersion.

Join us on a transformative service-learning tour to Ecuador! This journey begins in Quito, where you'll discover historic sites like Plaza de la Independencia and Iglesi Service-Learning Trip - Guatemala Spanish Immersion. Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, is home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites.

The capital, Guatemala City, features the stately Natio Spanish Language Immersion Tour — Mérida, Mexico 8 Days. A Spanish language tour in Mérida combines cultural trips, tours to unique sites, homestay with a local family, and language classes at local universities.

Trips to the Spanish Language Immersion Tour — Merida, Mexico 9 Days. Updated August We added Lingoda, several honorable mentions, and the Timekettle WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds, and refreshed our picks with the latest features and prices. This includes unlimited access to WIRED.

com and our print magazine if you'd like. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day. Language learning apps can be an effective tool for improving your language skills, but if you want to become fluent, you will likely need additional help.

Apps that focus on vocabulary building can help, but only alongside classes or other learning tools. Language learning apps can help beginners and intermediate students to build a foundation. If you just want to learn enough to order a coffee, they can get you there.

Fluency requires immersion and comprehension, whether through talking with native speakers, learning in a classroom, or reading books and watching movies. It teaches the basics of grammar, including special vowels and consonants and their correct pronunciations, before moving on to conversational scenarios in common settings.

Babbel does a great job of explaining grammar rules as you practice to build a deeper understanding. The mixture of learning options includes podcasts and games, and you can even book live online classes with language teachers though this is expensive.

The pacing is good, with a slow increase in difficulty and plenty of spaced repetition to reinforce your learning. Unfortunately, the free trial is limited, offering just a single lesson for each language.

Some lessons are dry, and it inevitably feels repetitive at times. I also occasionally had issues with speech recognition and could not nail the pronunciation. Designing an addictive hook into your language practice is a clever way to keep you engaged, and Duolingo nails gamification like no other.

Each module is broken into topics, and the course is structured, so you must complete several lessons to unlock more. Modules cover social situations like dates or surprise parties, but they also tackle grammatical topics. Duolingo recently added a GPT-powered chatbot, but it requires the expensive Max subscription.

The free tier offers a lot of great content, but you do have to endure ads. The gamification can also be stressful, as you are limited to five hearts each day, and you lose one when you get something wrong. You can ditch the limits and ads, and learn offline by subscribing to Duolingo Plus.

There are also in-app purchases, but all the core content is free. Duolingo is free. With a focus on vocabulary and the kinds of casual conversations you might have as a traveler, Memrise is a useful learning tool.

The Android app is very accessible and uses a familiar flashcard approach with spaced repetition to help you memorize words and phrases.

There are also grammar lessons and forgiving speech-recognition exercises. What I like most are the Learning With Locals video clips, with native speakers, as this feels closer to the experience of being in the country.

You can also get a lot of value from the free version, and the basic courses are bolstered by user-generated content. While there is no substitute for talking to real people, MemBot is a GPT-powered chatbot that allows you to practice your conversations without fear of embarrassment, but it requires a monthly subscription.

If you delve into the user-created content, you will find the quality varies wildly. The free version gives you access to plenty, but you can unlock more features and offline access with a Pro account.

Memrise is free. Carlton Reid. Jeremy White. Boone Ashworth. Simon Hill. With a structured language learning course that includes the usual mix of flashcards, grammar exercises, and casual conversations, Busuu is a solid option.

Lessons are organized into chapters dealing with typical situations, and it feels very polished overall. I like the videos of short conversations, but the best feature is the user review. Busuu matches you with a native speaker of the language you are learning, and they correct and comment on your work written and spoken —you can do the same for others.

You can also add friends, which builds a sense of community and gives you insights you might not otherwise get. Busuu has also incorporated live lessons in groups or one-to-one. Busuu covers 14 languages, and some reviews suggest the quality is variable. Some of the typing exercises are a bit of a chore, and the quality of the user review feedback can vary.

You can get the basic lessons for a single language for free, but you need to subscribe to the Premium plan to get rid of ads, access some content, get AI-powered review, priority community feedback, and certificates.

Speaking to real live people in the language you want to learn is the most effective way to improve for many people.

Finding a class near you or the time to attend can be tricky, so Lingoda offers hourlong online Zoom classes with experienced language teachers.

You can take classes in small groups of up to five people or pay extra for one-to-one learning. You must buy classes in blocks and you get downloadable materials to study to prepare for classes and practice what you learned afterward. You can take a test to find your level, sign up with different teachers, and find classes at times to suit you.

The strength of Lingoda is the chance to speak with real people and get personalized feedback. Unfortunately, live classes are always going to be relatively expensive and might not suit shy folks. Some instructors are better than others you can rate them after lessons and so are some of your fellow students.

You can learn a lot if you get a good instructor, there are only one or two other people, and everyone prepares properly. Lingoda only offers classes in English, Business English, French, Spanish, and German. Prices vary for different languages.

This slick app is a solid way for visual learners to build their vocabulary. You start by picking one of 39 supported languages, decide how much time you want to commit daily, and choose categories like food, travel talk, or business and tech.

Each drop is also spoken aloud in your chosen language. I enjoyed using it, but one thing that annoyed me was having to add payment details to access the seven-day free trial.

It's also more difficult than it should be to cancel. Here are a few more services and apps that can work well as supplemental tools to your language learning efforts, though some I don't like as much as the options above.

The app tracks your progress, and there are grammar and quiz sections. You can also dip into word lists. DuoCards Free : This is yet another flashcard app that employs spaced recognition.

It is worth a look because it allows you to create your own flashcards to decide which words you want to learn. Best used alongside other courses or apps, this app will help you build your vocabulary. The basic version is free, but with ads and limits on how many flash cards you can create.

The makers highlight the community side with the chance to meet and hang out with other language learners across the globe in virtual spaces. Paul Pimsleur developed a language learning method focused on listening to audio and repeating phrases out loud. The nice thing about this approach is that you can practice while you work out, commute, or do the housework.

The short lessons are easy to jump into, but it is formal and can feel slow as it deliberately limits the vocabulary. You also get pronunciations and definitions, and there are quizzes to complete. Seeing words in context can help them stick, and this is a solid complementary way to build vocabulary alongside other learning activities.

Language Reactor Free : This clever Chrome extension works with YouTube and Netflix to give you subtitles for whatever you are watching in two languages, so you can see your native language and the language you are trying to learn.

You can also highlight words to see the translation, review all the subtitles, and get other examples of their usage. Learn French TV5MONDE Free : Anyone trying to learn French should check out the free app from the French-speaking TV channel TV5MONDE.

You can take a quick test to find your level and improve your French through exercises using TV shows with genuine accents.

Whether online or in-person, we have the perfect Spanish immersion camp experience in store! We move (that's kinesthetic) and we curate well-rounded vocabulary There's no app, but you will need Zoom and a decent internet connection. Lingoda only offers classes in English, Business English, French, Spanish, and German Learn Spanish online. We offer online Spanish programs for students of all ages and levels. Experience a robust online Spanish program


Is it HARD to learn Spanish in Spain? Language Reactor Free : Spanis clever Chrome extension works with YouTube and Netflix Spanish language immersion while gambling online give you subtitles for gmbling you are watching in two languages, so Slanish can see your native language languabe the language you are trying Apuestas en Línea con Seguridad learn. One-on-One Live Spanish Classes This is the core of our online Spanish program, and the most valuable component in learning to speak Spanish. Consent is not a condition of purchase. I can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions the emails I receive. Our immersion approach for adults uses the conversational format that can be tailored to help each student meet their language goals. I've been taking lessons through Conversa for several years and can't say enough good things about my teacher Auxi and the school in general. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Learn Spanish Online

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